I am...

25 holy shit.

Oh yeah, so you know how I was stressing that I wouldn't be able to get the dates off for luna sea? I requested the 2nd-5th off in December, which is apparently black out dates. But I requested them unpaid and my reason was "Legal Proceedings" and the 2nd was approved! I was going to unrequest it off to better my chances of getting the weekend off, so I wouldnt have to call in sick. BUT LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO GET IT.

I hope I get all the days off, it would just make my life so much easier. Its weird though, how he approved that one day but didnt approve my halloween request or two days in november that I requested. Black out days schmack out days!

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When you've known someone a long time, it always shocks you when such good people in your life, take a turn for the worse.

I feel like I had been a martyr of the people in grass valley. I only stood up for my self, walked in both worlds and was shunned for no reason really. Other than the fact that they are a clique, and have a clique mentality, it hurts to know that I was never really accepted as anyones real frien. Aside from just a few of those people.

It used to twist my insides that Carlye is no longer my friend even though she had asked me previously to be my friend or if I wanted to but "Ross said so" I think to my self, wow ross must have a big fuckin' dick to have such a God damn ego.

I dont know what any one really truly thinks of me in that group. I pull some people aside, Brandon duckett, Elise, and Jason clark. Fidget youre more considered part of the sacto group now I believe.

This whole town is full of cannibals, and I will watch everyone eat each other alive. Why doesnt M.Knight make a movie about that?

Its a scaring experience, to walk into a place where you were once seemingly welcomed to walk into the same place and be unwelcomed.

I told Jay, "this is a resturaunt, we can be where ever we want." He had asked me if I got any new tattoos sense I last saw him, I rose a quizzical brow and showed him because its OBVIOUS I have more tattoos, and he is also on my face book where I boast about my new ink when i get it...

I hate that I think as though every one is out to get me or everyone that says something has under lying intentions but you know what? Its true most the time.

Theres a small handful of people that I can trust with my words. Sorry to those of you that are reading this and are friends with Ross, but its my journal and I dont feel the need to censor it.

You can tell him I said I think he's a dick, I dont care, and I don't think he'd care either. For a man that is THAT quick to judge, I dont need to have him in any radius of my life.

I'm done walking in both worlds. I'm o ly walking in my world. Keep up.
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You know what?

My deviant art account, seems to have gone missing. I'm to the point where I am PISSED OFF. If he keeps hacking my accounts, deleting them because he thinks he souly has the right to photos, then I will report him to higher athorities, maybe someone should inform him incase he hasn't found out allready that he has been reported.

He didnt even KINDLY ask me to remove the images, he just went into my account and deleted them, this time, brandon said that he thinks that he had a keylogger on my email address, which I hadn't changed until today, all of my passwords are changed and brandon duckett is blocked from viewing anything of mine.

He deleted my deviant art account, and my photo bucket account.

I've done what I can do for right now. Now I am just sitting and waiting for myspace's response.

Seriously. Sick of this.
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It always puts a smile on my face, when I post a chapter of ORMOULU, it's up to six chapters and is half way finished; I'll be sad when it's over. But there is the possibility of it becoming a published book. It is being reviewede by Dorrance publishing company, I dont know when I will hear back from them, or if I will. The idea behind it, is EXCITING.


The new Angelo video makes me EXTREAMLY happy!! So so so happy! ;D.
thought id share.
Its been a jrock day! I stumbled across these guys. UM ku maybe something you know about?

The vocalist isnt that great but everything else sounds awesome.

People were comparing him to hide? I guess its because he has pink hair and glasses...?...and is that also a BC rich guitar?

Kalvary- Jazz + VKEI = win


if u watch one i posted. this one.